Water tanks + kinect interactive installation

[FR] KUBES est une installation interactive qui permet de créer du son et des effets visuels avec le mouvement du corps.

L'utilisateur est placé devant un mur de cuves à eau. Par de simples gestes il peut illuminer les cuves en démarrant des boucles sonores, jouant des notes ou en créant des effets.

KUBES est une adaptation des flashcubes, une création lumière de l'artiste plasticien Benjamin Pailhe (REstore).

[EN] KUBES is an interactive installation that lets you create sound and light effects with your body.

The user is placed in front of a water tanks wall. By simple gestures he can light the tanks by starting loops, playing notes or creating nice sound effects.

KUBES is an adaptation of flashcubes, a light creation by artist designer Benjamin Pailhe (REstore).

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  • 12/11/28 ★ Plastic Brussels

    Plastic Brussels

    Our installation will be showcased in Brussels on december 7 as part of the plastic festival. This edition focuses on digital art with such great artists as Mike Latona, Two Designers or Jimmy Ruf.


    PRESALE 11 euros, ENTRANCE 13 euros
    DOORS : 20:00 pm

  • 12/10/09 ★ Kubes at REstore

    Kubes at REstore

    KUBES will make its very first appearance at REstore in Liege for the opening of Reciprocity. Along with our installation, you will also see the beginnings of the first FabLab in Wallonia : creations made with a laser cutting machine, 3D printed objects, physical computing and other nice stuffs.


    Doors from 20 pm